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For delivery, we need to be able to get a 40' gooseneck trailer, and truck into the dropoff spot. We also need at least 140' of straight distance to pull the truck and trailer out from under the container


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20' Standard$165/mo+tax

The 20' standard container option is the smallest but also most affordable container we offer our customers. These containers are half as long as our standard container sizes and much easier to move and store on smaller-size properties.

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40' Standard$199/mo+tax

Our 40' standard containers are the typical container size you see most often. Fantastic space for storing and protecting your assets for long periods of time. With affordable rent-to-own options, these containers are our most popular.

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40' High Cube$199/mo+tax

We have several options for 40' containers, but these containers will have the extra space you need regarding the height of the container's ceiling. These containers have more space for storage and usage than our standard containers.

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One Trip ContainersPricing Varies

These containers have only taken one trip across the ocean and are the best possible quality you can get without paying the total rack rate for a brand-new container. If you want a close-to-flawless container, this is the best option available.

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At this time we offer RTO in:
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma


$199 storage containers

rent-to-own storage containers at $199.00


40 Foot Long Storage Container

$199.00 Down & $199.00 A Month | Delivery Included

When you've selected the ideal 40 ft storage container, we'll bring it to your residence once you’ve submitted your down payment. Our customer dashboard makes it even easier to manage your services and accounts all in one place, anytime. You want your 40 ft storage container delivered without a hitch while being respectful of your neighbors. Rest assured that we’ll show up at your home when promised. First, we make sure you can reach a member of our committed staff directly. Additionally, our team takes the time to comprehend your home or business's overall needs. Finally, we can accommodate your requests if you have specific billing procedures. Rent to own your storage container today with only $199.00 down and $199.00 a month with delivery, we supply the best 40 ft long-storage containers in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma!

Storage Containers with Custom Options

Rent to Own | Door Options | Window Options | Color Options

You can get assistance from one of our customer service representatives at any time to find the best custom storage container option for your needs. We have established ourselves as the go-to Rent-To-Own storage container business in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma by providing the same accessibility and service to commercial, industrial, and residential clients alike. Learn why people keep raving about our custom storage containers. Bonafide Storage is the top option among rent to own storage container companies across the country thanks to its affordable prices, first-rate customer service, swift delivery, and the appropriate custom storage container options for your needs. Just contact us at your convenience and we'll have a container on its way.
You are renting to own a used water and wind tight container. This container may have some dings, scratches and surface rust. The doors may need greasing.


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