Carport Construction Process With Bonafide Storage

The Carport Process With Bonafide Storage


What Carport Options Are Available Through Bonafide Storage?

Having been one of the leading installers/vendors for Eagle Carports over a decade (and still counting!) here in *The South, we’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with a wide variety of customers, homeowners, fellow companies, farmers, ranchers, and residents alike in an equally diverse amount of capacities; affecting a wealth of different services. From our cost/obligation-free consultations for barns, sheds, carports, garages, awnings, and/or steel buildings to our world-class installation & construction services for those selfsame structures; we know our trade and take absolute pride in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their unit. Furthermore, being a family-owned and family-operated company here in *The South, we approach each carport, garage, or barn installation as if we were installing the structure on our own property, a family member’s home, or our local Church. This always entails a timely delivery, sound construction, and an installation experience that you, our valued customer, will confidently recommend to your friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers!


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Understanding The Carport Process

By and large, each steel building, storage/housing structure, or property addition we construct and install usually begins as a “carport” as is more commonly known. The carports that our company, Bonafide Storage, often install throughout *The South are, for all intents and purposes, entail a simplistic structure that features a sturdy metal framework that supports a similarly metallic roofing system. Supplementing the carport with modifications, specialty elements & features, or add-ons such as additional walls, lean-tos, or paneling to the carport actually changes it quite drastically. For example, when additional features are incorporated into the carport’s design, it affects not only its storage/housing capacities, overall size, and dimension but it also directly influences the time needed to manufacture, construct, and ultimately install the carport as well.



Step One:
Determining A Specific Carport

Our Eagle Carports feature state-of-the-art designs, unmatched structural integrity because of a solid metal framework, and a roof that is specifically incorporated to withstand the test(s) of time, the ceaseless bombardment of the elements, and the overall wear and tear that one can expect living in *The South.







Step Two:
Deciding Upgrade Options

To better understand the options available with the metal buildings and fabricated structures we offer here at Bonafide Storage, it’s first to understand the difference between structures themselves. While it's obvious that a barn differs drastically from a carport, there can be overlaps as far as design & construction are concerned, especially when considering combo units.



Step Three:
Choosing A Building/Structure That Fits Your Needs

Considering a carport, garage, [portable] shed, barn, or metal building is a rather hefty investment, both time-wise as well as financially; it’s always prudent to ask questions, shop around, and obtain more than one quote.







Step Four:
Enlisting The Carport Experts

For the most part, delivering, constructing, and installing most carports (and subsequent variations) is a pretty straightforward process for an experienced company that has a provable track record of successful installs and constructs that feature a wide variety of carport types, models, and structure assortments.



Step Five:
We Are The Carport Experts!

As many will vouch for, the carport, metal building/structure, and [portable] shed/storage industry is a very competitive industry, both residential and commercially; especially here in *The South. What’s also widely known is that experience and professional reputation are taken very seriously, and obtaining both is something that is earned and not given.