Our Approach To Carports Is Second-To-None!

Here at Bonafide Storage, we've embraced the notion that each customer & situation is unique in not only their specific needs regarding a carport but also in the approach we must adopt in order to fulfill their requests promptly & proficiently. Moreover, with each satisfied client earned through our stellar service coverage regarding carports, we further optimize our process to better achieve the most desirable results for future clients as well.

This includes all of the Southern States that we proudly service:

    ➢ Georgia
    ➢ Tennessee
    ➢ South Carolina
    ➢ North Carolina



How It Works With Bonafide Storage Solving ALL Of Your Carport Needs

This typically entails our carport experts offering a comprehensive consultation of the carport project as well as providing a fair and accurate estimate that includes (but is not limited to) cost of construction & manufacturing of the carport; delivery/drop-off of the carport; as well as the actual installation/erection of the carport.

Please note that our customer’s best interests are always at heart and taken into deep consideration which is why our consultations are not a simple recital of our carport prices, labor costs, and a “penciling-in” of a delivery and installation time of the aforementioned carport. We take the time to listen to our customer’s (carport) requirements, assess their budget versus their property size, and apply our decades of industry-related knowledge towards fulfilling their carport needs both quickly and fairly. After the specifications of our clients’ specific carport particulars (size, scale, dimensions, and/or features) have been accounted for and the desired model has been chosen, our carport experts will work in tandem with the property owner to schedule a convenient time for the carport delivery and the carport installation.



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Quality and consistency are the hallmarks of outstanding service and we've adopted that stance as an entire company. At Bonafide Storage, our staff have the experience & knowledge to be the carport solution to any of our customers' carport problems through our proven process and versatile coverage.




Where Bonafide Storage Is Most Effective Regarding Carports


    ✔ Carport Drop-Off & Delivery

    ✔ Carport Scheduling & Coverage

    ✔ Carport Benefits & Advantages



Our Carports Can Successfully Combat The Elements In Your State!

(INCLUDING: Georgia | Tennessee | South Carolina | North Carolina)

Many of our valued customers often enlist our expertise in the portable storage, carport, and steel structure industry for a variety of reasons; chief among them stemming from a need to protect their vehicles, farming equipment, and/or heavy machinery from the ever-invasive weather that is commonplace here in the South (Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina). Whether it’s a simple carport meant to battle harmful UV rays, rain, sleet, and snow from directly overhead or if the “housing” need is a bit more extensive because of the contents being stored. (Essentially requiring a full encapsulation via walls and lean-tos on each side.) As such, you can rest assured that our company, Bonafide Storage, is closely affiliated with the leading carport provider in the United States: Eagle Carports; thus ensuring that your carport is above-grade in terms of quality and durability. What’s more, our in-house carport specialists implement only safe and industry-standard installation practices for each and every structure we are tasked with constructing for our clients (both current/existing as well as potential/prospective, of course!).

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