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RV Cover Services in Harrison, Arkansas


The quality service we provide at Bonafide Storage in Harrison, Arkansas, comes at a price that won't break the bank. Your RV can be covered however you'd like with our option. We sell single-sided, dual-sided, three-sided, and 3-foot dual-sided RV covers in addition to our roof-only RV cover. Sun and water damage are one of the biggest dangers an RV owner can experience. Because of this, you require a cover for your RV if you live in Harrison, Arkansas. The rubber RV roofing will eventually develop cracks due to sun damage. If this occurs, water damage will undoubtedly follow. Unfortunately, water damage is difficult to detect until serious damage has already been done. Holes in the rubber roofing allow for water to drip down and get into the wooden frames of the RV and causing it to rot from the inside out. This is the last thing any RV owner in Harrison, Arkansas wants to happen to their investment. This is why it is so important to get the protection your RV needs before it’s too late. Call us today, we would be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect cover for your RV to keep it safe from the elements for years to come. We can help customize the colors or dimensions, or if you would like it partially or fully enclosed. Feel free to reach out to us at Bonafide Storage if you have any questions about portable shed construction, deconstruction installation, or financing and we will be happy to help!


Barn Services in Harrison, Arkansas

Barn Construction | Barn Installations | Barn Financing

At Bonafide Storage, we are aware that designing a barn or other agricultural building to meet all of your needs can be challenging. To help you understand what you'll receive in Harrison, Arkansas, we offer to model your sketch in three dimensions. Two traditional gables and both fully enclosed lean-tos are included in the price of our classic barns package. Your pets deserve a setting that shields them from the outside elements. Our barns can be tailored to accommodate a range of livestock, including cows, goats, pigs, or just some extra storage. The roofing and gables on all sections of our eagle barns package can be customized to be framed with a livestock opening, equipped with garage doors, or completely enclosed. Furthermore, you can customize it to add a tack room, and stalls, and to have it either fully or partially enclosed. We want only the best for our clients in Harrison, Arkansas. Our horse barn standard package has a lean-to leg height of 8 feet, along with an included opening measurement of 8x7 feet and a center leg height of 12 feet. We can help customize the colors or dimensions, or if you would like it partially or fully enclosed. Need a vertical roof, framed-in stalls, or tack rooms in your horse barn in Harrison, Arkansas? We’re happy to add those as well! Get in contact today so we can meet your barn and agricultural building needs! Our buildings are made from quality materials, are predominantly made of wood or metal, and feature a wear-resistant framework that will ensure your building is made to last.

Combo Unit Services in Harrison, Arkansas

Combo Unit Financing | Combo Unit Construction | Combo Unit Installation

The top manufacturer of combo units, RV covers, barns, carports, and other structures is Bonafide Storage. You can rely on the professionals at Bonafide Storage to complete the task correctly because they have many years of experience working in Harrison, Arkansas, and have installed thousands of structures. In Harrison, Arkansas, one of our helpful representatives is waiting to speak with you about all the requirements for your potential building. We are skilled artisans who work with only the best materials available to us locally in Harrison, Arkansas. We firmly believe in providing our customers with quality and service that goes above and beyond. We aim for excellence and customer satisfaction, and we won't stop working until we achieve those goals. Our endeavor is to achieve this goal through specialized skill, quality materials, and unique designs local to Harrison, Arkansas. Our portable buildings include storage sheds, portable garden buildings, and more. A portable shed is sometimes referred to as a pre-built shed, but they are simply a portable storage building that is completely assembled and ready to use at your leisure. We construct and install all throughout Harrison, Arkansas, and our process is streamlined for a quick installation when available for you. We make every effort to earn and maintain your trust by always continuously managing successful projects. We want all of the combo units we construct to live up to our customers' needs. We welcome you to inspect our buildings and see for yourself their sturdiness, aesthetics, and value in our combo units.


Garage Services in Harrison, Arkansas


Perhaps you require a larger structure to increase garage storage capacity, or perhaps it's time to construct a second utility shed. You can count on our builders and contractors in Harrison, Arkansas to build the ideal structure for your agricultural business, including carports and garages. Farm construction is becoming more innovative thanks to new technologies and precision agriculture. To accommodate a farmer's constantly changing needs, your buildings must be effective and economical. You require structures that are strong, legal, and constructed of premium materials in Harrison, Arkansas, just like all of our clients. Of course, a building that you'll love is more than just one that functions. Whether you're looking for a traditional barn-style home or a modernized version of the classic, our in-house design team will always work one-on-one with you to design the barn or agricultural building you always envisioned. Our portfolio for Harrison, Arkansas is a great starting point for clients looking for design inspiration. Take a look at some of the custom barn homes we've designed for clients across Harrison, Arkansas to get a better idea of what you can do with yours! For all of your potential carport and garage installation or repair services, Bonafide Storage can handle your installation with the prompt service you deserve! We continue to grow and develop superior products in order to serve our customers in the highly competitive market here in Harrison, Arkansas. Give us a call or email us today if you need any type of garage services.