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Services Offered in Boone, North Carolina


Since 2009, Bonafide Storage has been offering quality service in Boone, North Carolina that our clientele has come to appreciate. We offer a wide range of storage units for any budget that accommodates any need. From carports, garages, combo units, RV covers, barns, agricultural buildings, and portable sheds, we team up with the best manufacturers around the country to get you quality service you won’t forget. Our friendly team offers free quotes to ensure you are getting the best possible structure for your needs at the best price. With years of expertise, we know our way around metal storage buildings. We only use the best materials to ensure that they last in the southern weather. There is a reason since the beginning of our business that customers have kept coming back for any of their outdoor storage needs in Boone, North Carolina. We believe in building strong relations with our clientele, and we’ve always believed trust is a solid foundation for any relationship. You can trust us to curate the perfect building for your needs within your price range. We can’t wait to hear from you, get in contact with us today so we can make your dream metal building or portable storage unit a reality!


Portable Sheds in Boone, North Carolina

Portable Shed Construction | Portable Shed Installation | Portable Shed Financing

Portable sheds are a great way to get rid of those cluttered tools in your home or property in Boone, North Carolina. We have your back in the process of financing a portable shed, the construction of the portable shed, and the installation onto your home or property. Bonafide Storage offers a wide array of payment plans to suit your need, from rent-to-own options, to leasing, and financing plans we have you covered to make sure you get a quality building without breaking the bank! With our experience, we’ve worked with customers on varied needs. Sometimes it’s not about the money, but rather the preference in the building. Our buildings are made from quality materials, are predominantly made of wood or metal, and feature a wear-resistant framework that will ensure your building is made to last. Do you already have a shed in Boone, North Carolina that needs moving? We have you covered there as well! We work around your schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing us when we show up. Our portable shed building team starts by assessing if the areas are clear of debris and level before they unload and start construction. Feel free to reach out to us at Bonafide Storage if you have any questions about portable shed construction, deconstruction installation, or financing and we will be happy to help!

Barn/Agricultural Buildings in Boone, North Carolina


At Bonafide Storage we know it can be troublesome to design a barn or agricultural building to accommodate all of your needs. That’s why we offer to model your sketch in 3-D so you know what you’re going to get in Boone, North Carolina. Our classic barns package price includes 2 classic gables and both lean-tos fully enclosed. Your animals deserve an environment to protect them from the elements of the world. Barns we offer can be customized around a variety of livestock, from cows, goats, pigs, or just some extra storage. Our eagle barns package can be customized to be framed with an opening for livestock, fitted with garage doors, or fully enclosed and includes the roofing and gables on all sections. Furthermore, you can customize it to add a tack room, and stalls, and to have it either fully or partially enclosed. We want only the best for our clients in Boone, North Carolina. Our horse barn standard package has a lean-to leg height of 8 feet, along with an included opening measurement of 8x7 feet and a center leg height of 12 feet. We can help customize the colors or dimensions, or if you would like it partially or fully enclosed. Need a vertical roof, framed-in stalls, or tack rooms in your horse barn in Boone, North Carolina? We’re happy to add those as well! Get into contact today so we can meet your barn and agricultural building needs!


RV Cover Services in Boone, North Carolina

Roof-Only RV Cover | 3-Foot Dual Sided RV Cover | Single Side RV Cover | Dual Side RV Cover | Three-Side RV Cover

At Bonafide Storage in Boone, North Carolina, we pride ourselves on bringing quality service at a price that doesn’t break the bank. We have an option to cover your RV in any way you’d like. We offer our roof-only RV cover, 3-foot dual-sided RV cover, single-sided RV cover, dual-sided RV cover, and three-sided RV cover. One of the largest threats an RV owner can face is sun and water damage. This is why if you own an RV in Boone, North Carolina, you need a cover for it. Damage from the sun will eventually lead to cracks in the rubber roofing of the RV. Once this happens, water damage is surely next. Water damage is unfortunately hard to detect until significant damage has been done on the inside of the RV. Holes in the rubber roofing allow for water to drip down and get into the wooden frames of the RV and cause it to rot from the inside out. This is the last thing any RV owner in Boone, North Carolina wants to happen to their investment. This is why it is so important to get the protection your RV needs before it’s too late. Call us today, we would be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect cover for your RV to keep it safe from the elements for years to come.