Our shipping containers come from local ports. While all containers have been previously used, we only purchase the shipping containers with no holes or dents. We deliver them to our customers on a roll back and can set them on any ground surface. The most level ground is best, of course and we also recommend (but do not require) railroad ties for them to set on. Shipping fees may apply based on your location.


Shipping Container Uses

We realize that shipping containers can be so much more than simple storage. More and more uses for storage containers are coming to the forefront by creative consumers. Shipping containers can be designed into elaborate homes, businesses including bars and restaurants, as well as being remodeled into self-storage solutions.

We can help you with your special project by painting your shipping container, adding house doors, French doors, garage doors and windows. We can also add shelving or many other options that you may envision!

Shipping Container Rentals

Not every shipping container that we offer our clients here in the South needs to be financed or outright purchased in order to reap the many benefits that our shipping containers offer. As such, we offer short-term rentals as well as long-term leasing on the various shipping containers our Southern clients often require. To get in touch with one of our knowledgeable shipping container specialists regarding rental and leasing options, please click here!


Shipping Container Financing

By and large, shipping containers can be hefty investments for the average land or property owner here in the South. As such, we've made it one of our company's "selling points" to be as competitive with our products and services as we are with our pricing and financing. To that account, we work with local and national financing companies to ensure our Southern clients are receiving fair rates and extensive coverage.

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