Types of Storage

There are distinct types of solutions for storage, but what will work best for your needs? The major factor to consider is the length of time that storage will be needed. Whether you need storage for a few days or weeks, or for years or forever, it is important to know the most cost-effective storage solution.

PODS: Pods are temporary storage units that are brought to your home, usually when relocating. Pods are intended for very short-term use such as days or weeks. This is an excellent option if you are moving and intend to use it short-term. Before renting a POD, be sure to understand the daily cost as well as the cost to ship it to a new location, but also be aware of the additional cost to turn in the POD.

SELF-STORAGE: Self storage units are facilities that offer public storage space, and can be found on practically every city block. Self-storage is a popular choice for those who don’t have property to accommodate storage sheds, or for those who will need storage for a year or less. They are often secured by key-pad entries and can come in various sizes. Some are climate controlled. Self -storage businesses often offer introductory rates with the first month free. Once your belongings are in, it can be a long-term commitment due to contracts, or the logistics of moving your belongings a second time. Before moving your belongings into self-storage, inquire about the frequency and amount of increases in rent. Also, consider the distance and ease of access to your belongings.

STORAGE CONTAINERS: Container storage, also called Conex Boxes or 9 High Containers are the same containers shipped by 18 Wheelers or by train, and are often used commercially. The use of storage containers is rising in popularity because they are virtually indestructible, and relatively inexpensive. They typically come either 40 or 20 feet in length, up to 9 ½ feet high, and are 8’ wide. Options can be added to include extra doors or windows, interior walls, built-in locks, and they can be painted. When considering purchasing a Storage Container, make sure the property is level. Unless is it to be set directly on the ground, railroad ties will need to be set before the unit is delivered. Additionally, inquire about delivery cost, because the containers are usually brought in from shipping yards, so delivery costs can be quite pricey, depending on your location. Even so, for businesses or farms in need of long term storage, the purchase of a container is a wise choice.

SHEDS OR PORTABLE STORAGE: Sheds are buildings that are placed on your property on a trailer. If your property will accommodate it, and long-term storage is needed, portable storage is an obvious choice. Sheds come in many sizes, styles, and colors, and are conveniently located in your yard. Sheds can be purchased, financed, or set up on a rent to own monthly payment program. Aside from Storage Containers, the purchase of a shed is the only one that offers ownership potential. Once your shed is purchased, it is your property, and can be sold or relocated later. For the average home-owner in need of long-term storage, the purchase of a shed is the most cost-effective storage solution.

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