Our Services in South Carolina


Established over a decade ago right here in South Carolina under the premise of combing a quality product in our property addition options (carports, garages, combo units, RV covers, barns, & portable sheds) with local demand, our company, Bonafide Storage, has grown to become a local commodity in many respects. We’re firm in our commitment to providing a wealth of property additions and service capacities for our local South Carolina customers, including construction services, installation coverage, and even financing options. Moreover, we use only choice materials, reliable construction techniques, and adhere to all safety guidelines in the particular area in South Carolina (Charleston, SC; Greenville, SC; Hilton Head, SC; Columbia, SC; Florence, SC; & Myrtle Beach, SC) in which we are affecting our various services. For a more in-depth overview of our hirable services, financing coverage, and property addition options in South Carolina, please make direct contact with our staff at your earliest convenience.

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