Services We Provide to Customers in North Carolina

$199.00 Down & $199.00 A Month | Delivery Included | Rent to Own Over 48 Months


Financing 40 Foot Long Storage Containers in North Carolina

$199.00 Down & $199.00 A Month | Delivery Included | Rent to Own Over 48 Months

Discover the flexible and affordable way to meet your storage needs with Bonafide Storage. We're redefining storage solutions in North Carolina, offering 40-foot-long storage containers with an attractive financing plan that makes quality storage accessible to everyone. Bonafide Storage has pioneered the path in the North Carolina storage industry, delivering affordable and flexible options for those needing spacious, secure, and durable storage containers. Our mission is to create customer satisfaction through our innovative $199 down, $199 a month financing plan, which includes delivery and the option to own over 48 months. Whether you're a business needing additional inventory storage, or a homeowner looking for extra space, our 40-foot-long storage containers offer the perfect solution. But it's our financing plan that sets us apart. With just $199 down and $199 per month, we're breaking down barriers to access, making quality storage solutions available to everyone. Our team at Bonafide Storage is driven by a passion for providing top-notch service. They're ready to assist with every step of the process, from selecting the right storage container for your needs, arranging the delivery, and setting up your affordable financing plan. At the heart of Bonafide Storage is a commitment to customer satisfaction. We know that every customer's storage needs are unique, so we provide personalized service to meet these specific requirements. We maintain open communication with our clients, ensuring they're informed and satisfied throughout the entire process.


Financing 20 Foot Long Storage Containers in North Carolina

$199.00 down and $165.00 A Month | Delivery Included | Rent to Own Over 48 Months

Welcome to Bonafide Storage, your one-stop solution for practical and cost-effective storage options in North Carolina. We're revolutionizing the storage industry with our 20-foot-long storage containers, providing you with ample space and an attractive financing plan that puts you first. Bonafide Storage stands out in the North Carolina storage market with a unique offering that marries quality and affordability. Our exceptional $199 down, $165 a month financing model — including delivery and a rent-to-own option over 48 months — transforms how you approach storage solutions. Our 20-foot-long storage containers cater to a variety of needs, from businesses seeking extra inventory space to homeowners needing room for personal belongings. Yet, it's our financing option that truly sets us apart. For just $199 down and $165 a month, we're opening doors to high-quality storage solutions for everyone. The Bonafide Storage team is committed to providing unparalleled service. They're at your side from the moment you choose your storage container to the point of delivery, setting up your financial plan and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience. Our ethos at Bonafide Storage is built around customer satisfaction. We appreciate the unique storage requirements of each customer, and this understanding fuels our provision of tailored services. Throughout our engagement, we keep communication lines open, ensuring that we exceed your expectations. Our forward-thinking financing plan demonstrates our commitment to making high-quality storage solutions accessible. With a $199 down payment and subsequent $165 monthly payments — with no hidden charges and inclusive of delivery — we're setting new standards in storage affordability.

Storage Containers with Custom Options in North Carolina

Rent to Own | Door Options | Window Options | Color Options

Embrace the future of storage solutions with Bonafide Storage, where we provide more than just space - we offer personalized storage options tailored to your unique requirements. Based in North Carolina, our storage containers come with custom options, enhancing the versatility and usability of your storage space. At Bonafide Storage, we take pride in revolutionizing the storage market in North Carolina by offering storage containers with custom options. Our distinctive offering includes rent-to-own options, door and window variations, and a selection of color choices. This unique blend of quality, customization, and affordability sets us apart in the storage industry. The team at Bonafide Storage is passionate about delivering excellent service. Their dedication to understanding your needs, offering recommendations for customization, and ensuring a seamless service experience makes the process of acquiring your custom storage container hassle-free and enjoyable. Our commitment to accessibility extends to our customized storage containers. Despite the added personalization, our pricing remains competitive. Our transparent approach means you get a clear, upfront quote, with no hidden fees, ensuring you get quality, custom storage solutions that fit your budget. We appreciate the individual needs of each client and strive to offer personalized solutions that truly fit their requirements. We maintain open communication throughout the process, ensuring a seamless experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. If you're in North Carolina and looking for storage containers with custom options, Bonafide Storage is your perfect partner. Contact us today and let us help you create a storage space that's as unique as your needs.