Bonafide Storage Offers Garage Services!

If you don’t have a garage, why not? Our company designs one that meets your needs while staying under budget. We build a custom garage addition that has the aesthetic style you want and the physical dimensions you need. Having years of experience in the industry, we are the trusted custom garage installers of Tennessee, that know how to design garages that impress. Bonafide Storage is the one to trust for custom detatched garages.



Garage Construction

Envisioning a brand new, spacious garage to safely house that classic car you’ve worked ever-so-lovingly and painstakingly to restore over the years? Or perhaps the goals of your garage is a bit more ambitious, widespread, or versatile - such as an actual mechanic’s garage that doubles as a workshop? Whatever the overall intention (or end result) that your garage is used for, one thing is undoubtedly certain: when one of our clients here in the South recruits our expertise in a construction capacity for their property’s [new] garage, it’s all but a foregone conclusion that their garage will be constructed promptly & efficiently whilst maintaining an emphasis on quality. Our garage construction teams apply decades of experience in constructing garages in the various property times, climates, and diverse terrains that the South offers to each and every garage we are hired to construct. This application of experience, in turn, ensures that we remain steadfast in our commitment to quality construction practices.

Garage Installation

Installing a garage here in the South can be a challenging enterprise for any property owner and/or construction company; regardless of its size, scale, or added amenities & features of the garage. Navigating through rural areas, contending with the rugged landscape, or battling the tumultuous weather that the South is famous for are but a few of the many hurdles that our world-class garage installation teams are well-versed at successfully surmounting. Furthermore, we take a very “client-specific” approach to all of our installation services; garages, carports, barns, and combo units to name but a few. For our fellow property owners here in the South who are interested in scheduling your garage installation or would like to check the status of a current garage installation, please feel free to reach out to one of our garage specialists by clicking here.


Garage Financing

As a way to further assist our Southern clients in the acquisition of the [new] garage for their property, we offer garage financing options that are much like the financing choices we offer for our carport construction services or carport installation services. Each client, their property, and their subsequent garage is inherently unique and it’s safe to say that the client’s financing needs are sure to follow suit. Hence why we make it a point of our clients’ benefit to offer a wide array of financing services, financing options, and financing avenues with many major financing companies, including Carefree Rentals, LLC, 1st Franklin Financial, and Heartland Capital Investments, LLC. To learn more about what financing incentives or options are available to your property regarding an installation/construction of a garage, please feel free to take advantage of our financing specialists’ expertise by calling or clicking here!





Included In Our Garage Financing


Our company-wide goal is to quickly & efficiently facilitate the sale, acquisition, & eventual installation of our customer's chosen purchase: portable sheds, carports, RV covers, barns, garages, and/or combo unit. Regardless of the state in which we're operating, the budget which dictates the particulars of a project, or the general ambition of the project itself; we staunchly remain proudly confident in our responsilities to our respective clientele.





Acquisition & Delivery

Both acquisition & delivery are key aspects that are included in our financing options, regardless of the unit being bought, acquired, & ultimately delivered. We work directly with the manufacturers to acquire each unit to expedite the process as fast as possible while also ensuring a speedy delivery of our clients' purchase(s).

Financing Benefits Include:

Efficient Coordination ✔
Rapid Expedition ✔
Clear Communication ✔
Flexible Options ✔





Financing Benefits Include:

✔ Preferred Scheduling
✔ Experienced Management
✔ Built To Last!
✔ Strict Standard Adherence

Construction & Installation

Worry not about hidden costs regarding the construction or installation of your particular unit because those are proactively factored into the financing process! Our veteran construction & installation crews apply their considerable experience to provide peace of mind to our clients & promote safe yet steady project progression in equal measures, thus affecting a successful outcome.







Prefab Building Materials

Much to the delight of our valued clients, all building materials, hardware, & needed equipment (tools, machinery, etc.) are included in our financing options! Whichever unit our respective clients choose to purchase, they can rest assured of the quality, craftsmanship & durability of each and every unit.

Financing Coverage Includes:

Carports ✔
Portable Sheds ✔
RV Covers ✔
Barns ✔
Garages ✔
Combo Units ✔





Financing Coverage Includes:

✔ Concrete
✔ Cement
✔ Foundational Support
✔ Footing
✔ Structural Reinforcement

Structural Foundations

One refreshing aspect of our available financing is that we include any needed concrete, cement, structural support, footing, or reinforcement into the overall budget. It's essential to the longevity of every carport, RV cover, barn, combo unit, portable shed, or garage to have a solid, supportive foundation on which to be constructed.


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