metal structure roof


Metal Structure Roof Styles

When shopping for a metal carport, garage, or barn, you will notice 3 distinct styles of roofs. It is important to know the advantages and drawbacks to each style.

The rounded, or “regular” roof is the least expensive of the three styles, but is also the least popular due to the “old fashioned” look with the rounded sides. The advantage to this type of roof is that it offers about 6” of coverage on the side, and it is also, as mentioned, the least expensive roof. The disadvantage is that the ribs on the metal run front to back of the building, so the possibility of leaking increases, since water and debris have a greater likelihood of puddling on the roof. The metal is also overlapping, but pieced every 3 feet, running from the front of the building to the back.

The boxed Eave Style roof is an A frame structure offering no coverage on the sides unless side panels are ordered separately. Other than the appearance, structurally, this building is the same as the rounded roof. The Boxed-Eave style is slightly more expensive than the Regular one, but like the rounded roof, the metal is pieced every 3’ and the ribs on the metal run front to back, with the same possibility of leakage.

The vertical roof is the most popular of all three styles, and is also a bit more expensive than the other two. It is also an A frame roofline like the Boxed Eave roof. The major difference for this type of roof from the regular and boxed eave style is that the ribs on the metal run from the peak of the roof to the sides, allowing water and debris to run directly off the sides, decreasing any likelihood of leakage. Additionally, the vertical style roof has metal that runs both vertically and horizontally inside the roof line, offering extra strength.

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