summer shed


Summer Shed Tips

Summer is that time of year when your garage and shed get a workout. Between gardening, outdoor activities, summer rec leagues, and general use, it’s key to keep your shed organized. Here’s our easy guide of summer shed tips.

1. As the seasons change, so do our needs for a backyard shed. Reshuffle how you’ve got your items stored so that this season’s frequently accessed items aren’t buried behind things that aren’t being used this time of year.

2. Simple storage can make a big difference when it comes to staying organized. One easy solution for keeping your tools handy is with pegboard. With so many options for customization, pegboard can do a lot of organizing work in a small space.

3. No one likes a dirty floor, even when it comes to the backyard shed. Spending a little extra time to sweep and tidy your things can make a big difference in the neatness of your shed. It’s easy to open the door and toss in tools or equipment but that can start a slippery, messy slope. Spend a few extra minutes (or even seconds) and put the items back where they belong. A neat floor can lead to a neat shed.

With these Summer Shed Tips, you’ll have a tidy shed all season long with only a little effort up front.

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